Become a Better Public Speaker: Change “I” to “You”

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The one and only question: WIIFM? Last week, I was collaborating with my client who was a keynote speaker at an international conference on progamming. This is the orignal text, he wrote: If I can change the program, I can change the running of the program. And if I can change it, I can change […]

Creativity and the writing process: To let go or not to let go?

The creative process is at times, about holding on tight to your ideas. Other times, it’s about letting go of them. When do you let go? When do you hold tight? Today I was working with a client who is going to be giving a keynote presentation at an internatinal conference tomorrow. He is understandably […]

Choose your words wisely and sound smarter!

choose your words wisely

The video below gives you good explanations why; but if you are short on time, here are 6 words to eliminate from your repertory: 1) STUFF – what does ‘stuff’ even mean? 2) HONESTLY – implies everything you’ve said before is a lie. 3) REALLY – adds no value. 4) AMAZING – if everything is amazing, nothing is. 5) […]