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Video Trailer: Dyane Neiman, Moving Speaker

What’s holding you back from being a great speaker?

Nerves? Confidence? Skills?

You are not born a master communicator – you BECOME it.


At Moving Speaker, we partner with you to achieve communication that

MOVES ideas by MOVING audiences to action.

Our training will enable you to:

            Discover your own unique speaking style.

            Radiate presence through your body language, voice, and mindset.

            Tell compelling stories with skill and purpose.

            Focus on one core message.

            Speak in words that are concrete, simple, and memorable.

            Utilize visual aesthetics.

            Play with dramatic tension.

and most of all

            MOVE PEOPLE to ACTION.

Whether we are working with individuals or groups, we match our service offer to your goals.

If you are serious about becoming a better speaker, make an appointment for a free 30-minute consultation via Skype or telephone.

We are confident that our custom-tailored sessions, we’ll give you measurable success.

If we don’t deliver, you don’t pay. Guaranteed.


The Common Ground

Before you sail away with your message, speakers need to first find the common denominator with their audience. What do you both share: a belief, value, question, problem? The technique which allows your audience to become familiar with you is called finding the Common Ground.

Acceptance Speeches

Be memorable when the spotlight is on you! The fruits of your hard work are being recognized. This evening you will be called to the stage to accept an award. Let's see how you fare under the pressure of stardom:  Your name is called, the audience claps until you reach the stage. A) Do you take your time, hug your Mom, girlfriend, and two other colleagues before you slowly make your way to the stage? B) Do you get up with gusto, get to the stage with a dignified and dynamic walk, saving all the hugs you want to give until afterwards. (Answer B)  43 million people are listening [...]

Dare to be different

 Working as a speaker coach, I hear something like the following, all the time: “I know that I have too much data on my slides, my speech is too long, boring, and dry; I don't use any stories to convey my message; yeah, I know I have more than one core message; BUT ... (here come the lame excuses) This is how we do it at my company! I am not a marketing guy! I am not an actor! It takes too much time to shorten it! If I cut out all the data and reduce to the essentials - my colleagues will think I am stupid or I didn't do my homework! I am new here and don't want to rock the bo[...]

Conquer Stage Fright

The shape of your body affects your mind > thoughts > behavior > outcome. Start with the body! Right before you are about to go on stage, your body often goes into distress mode. In distress mode you CONTRACT. Your muscles, body shape, breath, vocal chords, eye focus, and brain contracts. Making the situation worse: Contracted muscles cannot feel. You cannot radiate big energy with tight muscles. A contracted body shape makes you appear “small” - unconfident and nervous. Contracted breath and vocal chords, decrease your volume and range of your voice. Contracted vocal chor[...]

Live communication wins every time

Focus on live communication. Let the visuals take a backseat. After spending 8 hours in front of a computer screen, after communicating with people via telephone, video call, text messages, emails, after little detours on Facebook and Youtube where people shared amazing links with me - I went to a LIVE talk. Yipeee! The speaker put his message on a very-well done video which was shown on a small screen. Yeah, I was disappointed. In this digital era with our tendency to lead more isolated lives, I was hungry for live communication. Aren't we all? We go to live performances and live [...]

Do you see what we see?

Compose the Speaking Space! You look great for your speaking gig - hair, clothes, you even thought to polish your shoes. But that is not everything the audience will be seeing. When you speak you are part of an entire picture. The audience not only sees you, we see the space behind, above and to the side of you. Help the audience to focus on your message by giving us a visual picture that is free from distractions and is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Is there sunshine coming through the window behind you? This annoys the audience and makes you look like a black silhouette? Is the[...]

How do YOU describe a sunset?

 Cliches, set phrases, catch-phrases, buzzwords, and idioms - merely graze the surface. Alain de Botton in "How Proust Can Change Your Life" * gives an insightful explanation on cliches:  (Writer friend asks Marcel Proust for comments on his new manuscript and Proust replies) ... 'There are some big landscapes in your novel,' explained Proust, treading delicately, 'but at times one would like them to be painted with more originality. It's quite true that the sky is on fire at sunset, but it's said too often, and the moon that shines discreetly is a trifle dull.'  We may ask why Proust obje[...]

An unexamined speech is not worth giving.

Socrates once said, "The unexamined life is not worth living" in the same respect, an unexamined speech is not worth giving. Why settle for your first draft? Seek out feedback from people whose opinion you respect. Listen deeply and stay open. These critical comments are offered with the aim to make your speech more effective in expressing your idea. After a feedback session, take time to reflect: Which comments should you use? Which ones should you discard (or save for later)? Making changes to something you thought was already great, can be challenging. What do I cut out? [...]

When does your speech begin to fly?

There's a story that actor Dustin Hoffmann had to appear tired and worn out in a role. So to get ready for the role he ran around and around the movie set, until he was literally tired and out of breath. The audience was spared watching the hour it took him to reach that moment where he was “flying”. The same is true for writing. Do you make your listeners go the many, many words with you - until you start to finally sail with a concrete, exciting idea? Do want the film editors do - cut it out! Sometimes it just a few words here or there: This evening I would like to share an idea[...]

Try something new in 2014: SPEAK to INSPIRE!

Here are five tips to make your public speaking in 2014 - inspiring! Effective speaking skills promote healthy relationships, enhance your leadership success, and most of all, get you where you want to be! If you can say what you want with impact: people will listen and be moved to take action. Start using these 5 tips and you’ll be on your way to master the art of speaking to inspire. 1. Start to listen, really listen If you want your audience to listen to you, you have to listen to them first. Turn up your curiosity and open your ears: What is their perspective or problem? Ask que[...]

About me

* Speaker Ÿ* Presentation Coach Ÿ* Body Language Trainer *


“… her body language is amazing.”

Originally from New York City, Dyane was invited to work in Germany as a choreographer, theater director and performer. During her 20 years in this field, she rose to the position as artistic director of Theaterzwang Festival, which is now called Favoriten Festival in Dortmund. Her role constantly kept her in front of the public making presentations to sponsors, journalists, and audiences. It was there that she discovered her passion for public speaking.

Dyane began with her learned skills from the theater world and applied them to the business world. On top of the usual tools of the speaking profession, Dyane adds the joy of experimentation and outrageous thinking to push clients to new heights.  Her experience and qualifications guide non-native English speakers to enter the international marketplace with confidence and gravitas.

In 2012, she named this successful momentum as a speaker, coach and trainer: Moving Speaker based in Berlin, Germany. With a wide range of clients   –   from the lone executive officer searching for the words to say when he has to lay off 250 employees, to the activist who has to convince rainforest villagers, seated on treetops high above, not to cut down their trees,

her training has one goal:

create and deliver presentations that move people to action!

Dyane is a qualified coach with the International Coaching Federation. She transfers knowledge AND continue to works with her clients longterm, using a coach approach to guide them in achieving their communication goals.

Dyane is known for her physical and often humorous approach to engaging and motivating listeners. Here is what some clients have to say:

„… Thank you very much for the great workshop last week! These two days really stuck with me, and I am still very motivated to pull off the next speech (in my case at a conference in Albania) the right way. … thanks very much for your positive approach, your interesting techniques and the little push at times.“
Client, Transparency International

„Thank you so much for sending my videos and your feedback, it is all very helpful and encouraging. Already now, one week after that training, I feel much more confident in public speaking. Your training works!“
Client, Transparency International

„Dyane was able to to get a room literally moving, that was fun and insightful.“ Workshop participant, Toastmasters International European Conference

„I liked Dyane Neiman’s workshop the most at the conference because it was truely a workshop. She got me involved from the first minute.”                               Workshop participant, Toastmasters International European Conference

„Dyane Neiman’s was my favorite workshop. As a contestant, I appreciated her gentle way of helping me relax and could use her methods immediately!“
Speech contestant, Toastmasters International European Conference

“I really liked the content and preparation of the material and the very exciting learning methods. And on top of that, is the motivating style from Dyane Neiman, who made this a rewarding experience.”
A. Regorz, business professional, (Dipl. Kaufmann)

“This training was very worthwhile, it also worked well for teambuilding.    Dyane was very generous in sharing.”                                                           Client, Transparency International

“I very much enjoyed our sessions and feel that I gained a lot from them. Thanks for being so motivating and adaptable to our varying levels of preparation! It would be great to have you back for help practicing presentations as we will have many of those to come.”       Client, Transparency International

“It was a pleasure to learn in such a good atmosphere.  I really enjoyed the ‘sizzling’ way you explained things.”
Lidija Skenderovic, Design Student, Anhalt University of Applied Sciences

“I had a lot of fun with you!”
J. Kreitz

“If somebody will ask me about your training, I will say, that your sessions were always interesting, helpful and full of fun. Your intention to empower the learner by speaking! speaking! speaking! was very successful.  So I hope that I ‘ll have the opportunity to take part in one of your new courses in the near future.”
Dr. A. Brys, Regional Manager, Health Care Affairs

“Mir hat super gefallen: deine einzigartige, sehr lebendige Unterrichts-Art, deine Englisch-Aussprache und deine stets klaren Antworten und geduldigen Erklärungen.  Ich habe auch die Atmosphäre in der Gruppe genossen und deine Fähigkeit, die absolut verschiedenartigen Menschen (auch mit dem verschiedenen kulturellen Hintergrund) zusammen dazu zu bringen, locker zu sein und Spaß zu haben, hat mich besonders fasziniert!”
Natalie Brenner, Social und Business Communication Student, Berlin University of Arts

Dear Dyane, you are an very amazing and talented person. I liked your unique teaching-art so much. It was a really great time and helpful experience for me.”
Natalie Brenner, Social und Business Communication Student, Berlin University of Arts


Dyane Neiman

Moving Speaker, founder & director

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